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Amandine potato is a firm-fleshed variety that is distinguished by a yellow color and thin flesh.

It is very appreciated for its taste and its culinary use is suitable for several types of cooking. This potato is distinguished by a fineness of its tubers and an elongated shape. On the vegetable side, this potato remains susceptible to diseases and is fragile when climatic conditions are not favorable.

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Plant: Medium size, semi-erect habit, intermediate type
Stem: Medium-pigmented entrenceuds, weakly pigmented nodes, with developed wings, straight
Leaf: Medium to dark green, moderately divided, half open; leaflet small, ovate elongated (I = 1.86); Limbo plane
Flowering: Moderately abundant
Fruiting: Rare to moderately frequent

Amandine potato plant yield: 89 % Bintje
Calibration: Proportion of large tubers: fairly low to medium

Downy mildew: quite sensitive
Downy mildew: quite sensitive
Warty gall: not attacked
Common scab: not very sensitive
Virus X: R.A.S
Virus A: R.A.S
Virus Y: sensitive to very sensitive
Winding: quite sensitive
Nematode ROI -4: R.A.S

Internal defects of the tuber : Rust stains, hollow heart, and ashen stains: R.A.S.
Susceptibility to germing: Quite sensitive
Vegetative rest: Quite short
Culinary quality of the amandine potato plant: Very good cooking performance, culinary group A
Blackening after cooking: none
Frying coloring: R.A.S
Dry matter content: Very low
Suitability for preservation: Low

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